Unravelling the 'other' ethnic identities in London

The Other Checkbox

Our Project

The 'Other Checkbox' is a project that explores London's 'other ethnic' identities, especially within the equality and diversity monitoring forms and the national statistics. The idea of the project was born from our continuous conversation and debates on identity and not feeling represented or belonging. It is a project that is rooted in our own lived experience as immigrants and members of the 'Other' ethnic groups ourselves.

Who Are We?

Sandy Abdelrahman

"I am a migrant woman of colour, an activist, creative social entrepreneur and a co-founder of Skaped. My work is passionate and inspired by social mobility and empowering people to share their voices and for communities to create the change they want to see themselves."

JC Candanedo

"I’m a Queer and Migrant Visual Artist. In my work, I use photography to explore Human Rights, Mental Health and Identity, trying to find answers to questions like what does it mean to be Human and what is our connection with the rest of Humanity?"

Our Aim



Raise awareness of social equality and bring communities together.



Provide a space to share under-represented voices



Create a sense of belonging for the 'Other' communities.

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